Brian & Joe 2/11/2020

RPR hanging out with the Flynn family at an event where LTG Michael Flynn Attorney Sidney Powell was speaking to a group of Patriots in Venice, FL.

Of course the coolest Digital Soldier shirt in existence was on display! :)


Red Pill Roadshow Promo Video - 1/22/2020

Taking clips from both our Washington DC and Tampa Florida events and wrapping it up in a rock infused promo video we promote in a build up to the Myrtle Beach event in April.

JustInformed Talk - 11/28/2019

Interview with Craig who is a well-known Christian Evangelist & political scientist. He is also host/creator of the YouTube channels "JustInformed Talk" & "JustInformed Podcast".

We first met Craig at the Great Awakening DC event and have thoroughly enjoyed his speech and company during our time with him. 

We can't wait to see what else God has in store for Craig and his shows.

National Notables - 11/23/2019

Interview with Daniel from National Notables. We met Daniel at our first event in Washington D.C. and he has been a blessing for us ever since.

We look forward to spending many more events with Daniel and watching his message touch the lives of those fortunate enough to tune into his show.

Sarasota Patriots for Trump - 10/1/2019

On October 1st, the Red Pill Roadshow crew attended the Sarasota Patriots for Trump event hosted by Author, Speaker & News Commentator John Chambers.

We look forward to John's future events!

Front Page InfoWars - 10/11/2019

Alex Jones called us, Paul Joseph Watson posts the story. 


Alex Jones hit piece - 10/10/2019

We at Red Pill Roadshow happened upon this short film depicting a fictional character who portrays Alex Jones. In this shock film you see a deranged man being agitated by a video posted by the fictional "Alex Jones", to the point where he walks into a restaurant and shoots people. He then returns to his home and continues watching the video that is still playing, then he shoots himself in the head. This dark film is just another attempt to paint Alex Jones, and those who ask the valid questions the media refuses to, as "Conspiracy Theorists" who incite domestic terrorism. We are labelled as "Conspiracy Theorists" because we refuse to accept the "official record" and actually conduct ourselves like real investigative journalists.

Prophecy? 8/28/2019

A compilation put together by the Red Pill Roadshow of Kim Clement's amazing predictions, some might call prophesies of future events, namely the predictions of Donald Trump becoming President, the subsequent impeachment circus and even perhaps Q-Anon.  Judge for yourself.