The Great Awakening


Tampa, Florida


Time: 3PM - 7PM






JAN 11, 2020

3PM - 7PM

MacDill Park

100 N Ashley Dr.

Tampa, FL 33602

Influencers of various political affiliations, backgrounds, and beliefs will be on stage discussing their viewpoints on topics that have strong public interest.

Join us to discover truths and dispel the illusions of our corrupt media.


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John Michael Chambers

Author, speaker and political analyst. A national media commentator.  A voice for our times. Visit his website at

Dylan Wheeler

Millenial from Minnesota. Started posting political content under the name Educating Liberals after the 2016 election. Has close to 750k followers across social media platforms. Believes in God, loves his country, and trusts the Plan.

Gene Ho

Gene is a photographic artist who has photographed everyone from athletes to movie stars, but his life changed when he became the official photographer for the Donald Trump 2016 presidential campaign. He is the Author of a Best Selling and one of the most censored books: Trumpography-How Biblical Principles paved the way to the American Presidency.

Dylan Louis Monroe

American artist, truth advocate, and Pleiadian meme-commander.  He is currently exhibiting the “Deep State Mapping Project,” and sharing his written channeling, the “Orit-B Codex.”  His "Q-Web" diagram has spread virally since 2018, becoming a worldwide phenomenon, and accelerating the Great Awakening.  Dylan is the administrator of, the Instagram page @dsmp.official, and co-founder of the “New Templars” YouTube channel.

Jeffrey Pedersen

Runs the IntheMatrixxx twitter account and hosts The Matrixxx/Grooove hour on YouTube has been researching Bloodlines, monetary systems and symbolism for decades. Focusing on researching the cabal and what they believe in and how they do what they’ve done to the population. Matrixxx has developed a large Twitter following by being a conduit and a good steward of information from the Q research boards to Twitter. Almost every Q post is on his twitter timeline. IntheMatrixxx has been in Q posts 15 times. Q has also confirmed who is [P] research that was researched by himself and many brilliant Anons with Q post 1970. Check out his website at

Lisa & John Welch

Proud parents, grandparents and Patriots. They are business owners with a caring and helpful reputation in their community.  They have participated in and led by example in the Q movement by giving away Q T-shirts, bumper stickers, Qoozies and more. They organize Q events to wake people up as well.  Their lives have revolved around Q Patriots and the movement since the Tampa rally on 7-31-18 when Q 1st posted them on the Q board.

Joe Stroh

Marine Corps veteran, Child sexual abuse survivor, has been with Qanon since Oct. 28, 2017

Roy Davis

CaptainRoyD (Roy Davis) is one of the original posters on Reddit about QAnon and the many subjects related to the 2016 elections and SpyGate. Like many Q-Scribes, that courageous cadre of Patriots who were early citizen journalists addressing these topics, censorship and de-platforming has been a brutal reality numerous times. As disheartening as it has been for some to see countless hours of research and writing vanish, these attempts to suppress them have failed.

Roy is a U.S. Merchant Marine Officer/Master Captain and retired from the travel industry. He is currently living on a boat in Florida, where he continues to pursue telling hte truths that the mainstream media seeks to hide or minimize. He is the proud father of two sons and a grandaughter and is motivated to share what he has learned by a sense of patriotic duty.

Roy is a best-selling author and collaborator on the book QAnon: An Invitation The Great Awakening, as one of the WWG1WGA team of author/contributors. He welcomes reader comments and questions at

Craig James

Craig is a Christian Evangelist & political scientist. He is also host/creator of the YouTube channels "JustInformed Talk" & "JustInformed Podcast".

And performing LIVE

J.T. Wilde